Hi! I'm James Bell, I'm a Web Developer based in Leeds.
You can read more about what I'm working on below

Neon Dodge A small phaser and unity game

Neon Dodge was a collaboration project between me and another developer I worked with at the time. I took care of the design of the game while Jamie began work on the code. Once the designs were done we started hitting issues with our chosen framework so we decided to make the switch to unity. This meant more learning in our free time which we are still working on.

See the design

FNBR Stats Tool Android App

FNBR Stats Tool is a small tool used to retrive stats for a game called Fortnite. The project is built using Ionic Framework and is powered by a Laravel API.

Salsa Apps Website analyzing applications

The website analyser works by downloading a copy of the page.. it then proceeds to analyze the code and provides a report. The project has branched off into a few different version.. one being a duplicate content detector.